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Dream snowy hair (@dreamsnowyhair) Instagram Profile Photodreamsnowyhair

Dream snowy hair


Factory owner #hair #

Porshhair by Jaynestylist (@porshhair) Instagram Profile Photoporshhair

Porshhair by Jaynestylist

Natural Girl Pretty (@naturalgirlpretty) Instagram Profile Photonaturalgirlpretty

Natural Girl Pretty


Having the right in place can definitely help your reach their full potential. . . One of my most important is knowing the of the products I use on my hair. . . Don’t know the of your products? 🤔 . . Watch this video to learn how to test your products pH. . . Be sure to check out the full video on my YouTube channel . . . . #hair

CM_HairDesigners (@cm_hairdesigners) Instagram Profile Photocm_hairdesigners



聖誕及新年即將來臨喇,本公司為了答謝各位新舊客戶一直的支持🙏🙏 現正推出🔺感謝優惠🔺💇💇‍♂️ 髮型師會提供最專業的意見給每位客户,務求顧客找到一個最適合,最滿意,最嶄新的形象示人,令每位顧客得到最優質的服務🥇🥇🏆🏆 以下圖片可供大家參考 快點預約,為自己過一個全新造型的聖誕及新年喇😊😊 🎊限時聖誕新年優惠🎊檔期滿滿,敬請預約📣📣(請即whatapps68086153查詢) 🎖洗剪吹 $250 🏅color/high-light(優惠價$580up) 🏅漂頭髮 (優惠價$250up) 🏅treatment (優惠價$480up) 🏅日本🇯🇵技術曲髮(優惠價$880up) 🏅日本低溫熱感曲髮/直療 (優惠價$980up) 🎉以上服務已包括洗剪吹服務 🎉🎉🎊另設超值優惠package : Package🥇日本🇯🇵ppt 電前修護+ 日本🇯🇵技術曲髮+ Color/high-light+洗剪吹=(震撼價$1380) Package🥈日本🇯🇵apt電前修護+ 日本🇯🇵低溫熱感曲髮/直療+ Color/high-light+洗剪吹=(震撼價$1480) 📣📣以上兩項超值優惠package,如在網上預約二人同行,即場讚好👍🏻分享均可以上價錢再每位9折 📣📣📣本人採用日本🇯🇵一線品牌: (日本🇯🇵資生堂shisedo) (日本🇯🇵real) (日本🇯🇵paimore) 提供頭髮分析,可讓每位客人選擇的適合不同髮質需要的藥水,🏆絕對明碼實價🏆 電話預約☎️68086153 #hair

georgei porgei (@mr.ristick) Instagram Profile Photomr.ristick

georgei porgei

 image by georgei porgei (@mr.ristick) with caption : "This how i want to #cut my #hair for #supperbowl" - 1931782770695907832

This how i want to my #hair for