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Nicola Mostallino ( Instagram Profile

Nicola Mostallino

 image by Nicola Mostallino ( with caption : "Check out this #basketball players #silhouettes 😉

ONLINE NOW ➡️" - 1931292000109543430

Check out this players 😉 ONLINE NOW ➡️… What do you think of it? design

 image by GG (@ghost.goblin) with caption : "Philosophical vibes in helvetica ◼️ #graphicdesign #typography #philosophy #helvetica #type #flyerdesign" - 1931291944065281731

Philosophical vibes in helvetica ◼️ #graphicdesign

D’ARRACHE-PIED (@d_arrache_pied) Instagram Profile Photod_arrache_pied



#graphicdesign@genoudartsgraphiques (impression) •@aly_hummingbird (graphisme) •@laurianne_aeby (photos) Dons: •@orthoreha@crrsuva@pro_infirmis@sam_chuv@chuvlausanne • OrthoKern • Medacta International • ASPI: Association Suisse des Physiothérapeutes Indépendants • Aldo Civitillo: Bottier orthopédiste

Rusty Carter Art (@rusty_carter_art) Instagram Profile Photorusty_carter_art

Rusty Carter Art

 image by Rusty Carter Art (@rusty_carter_art) with caption : "Part of my No brush series ...that's what I call it when I don't want to clean brushes or leave the house but want to pa" - 1931291845456213897