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We Black Genius


@tiffanydcross • • • • • Donald Trump does not care about the integrity of our election process. This man lauded praise on Vladimir Putin, a foreign adversary who definitely interfered with U.S. elections. I don’t recall outrage from @marcorubiofla then. This president was an avid supporter of who engaged in voter suppression in GA for decades. I don’t recall outrage over that. But introduce an asinine theory about voters changing clothes in cars to vote illegally, and the sheep follow the wolf. Want to really ? Start to think logically and independently 🤡s. #floridarecount

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Judge Tanya Brinkley

 Instagram Image by Judge Tanya Brinkley (@judgetanyabrinkley) with caption : "The 2018 election cycle officially comes to an end. Love you guys! #miamijudges #floridarecount 
Bittersweet. Going to m" at Miami-Dade County Elections Department - 1934509213191586857

The 2018 election cycle officially comes to an end. Love you guys! #floridarecount Bittersweet. Going to miss y’all.

 image by @ushistorytoday with caption : "December 13, 2000. 18 years ago. Bush v. Gore is settled. Al Gore broadcasts nationwide that he accepts George W. Bush a"- 1933702024480513005

December 13, 2000. 18 years ago. Bush v. Gore is settled. Al Gore broadcasts nationwide that he accepts George W. Bush as 43rd President after a legal battle which lasted 35 days after the election. On November.7/2000, as the electoral map filled out across the nation, it appeared initially that Gore had won the election by a thin but reasonable margin. However, as the last electoral seats were being announced in the West, the state of Florida which had initially been called for Gore, flipped over and subsequently the election shifted in favor of Bush. As the night dragged on and Bush remained the victor, Gore prepared to concede to election. However, as morning approached Florida was taken off the electoral map and became to close to call for either Gore or Bush. By the early morning, it appeared that Bush had won the state, but by such a thin margin that Florida law required a mandatory recount. For the next month, the debate over who was the rightful president and the constitutionality of the recounts raged onward. To add extra controversy to the recount, it was brought forward that voters in Palm Beach County, East Florida were confused on how to operate their punch-hole ballots with many sources stating that many people who wished to vote for Gore accidently voted for third-party candidate, Pat Buchanan. However, this poorly designed "butterfly ballot" had been approved by both campaigns for the election. The manual hand recounts were scheduled to conclude on November.14/2000. When all counties but two, concluded by the deadline, they showed a 300 vote lead of Bush over Gore. The remaining two counties, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade began their recounts later in the month after a legal case filed by the Bush campaign to stop the recounts, citing that they would likely be crude and undemocratic, failed. Miami-Dade ceased it's recount prematurely on November 22th, to the chagrin of Gore who tried to convince Florida Supreme Court to force a resumption of the recount, despite the Democratic victory, but Tallahassee refused.

When they’re announcing the “last fastest” of the day award and you’re pretty sure it’s Eden..... #FloridaRecount

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Brandon Bain

Liberalism is Fascism ( Instagram Profile

Liberalism is Fascism

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Sherman Carr

 image by Sherman Carr (@sask_fitness) with caption : "Time to restructure after the #thanksgiving eating contest lol. #bodybuilding #goals" - 1919770547625957484

Time to restructure after the eating contest lol.