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Facts And History (@facts_and_history) Instagram Profile Photofacts_and_history

Facts And History

 image by Facts And History (@facts_and_history) with caption : "Double TAP for more amazing facts&quotes 👌 .
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Double TAP for more amazing facts"es 👌 . -👥 TAG a friend to show this💡 -🔔TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION -✔FOLLOW for more... - . . . . . #didyouknow 💯

Fiery_Magma🔥 (@fiery_magma_777) Instagram Profile Photofiery_magma_777


 image by Fiery_Magma🔥 (@fiery_magma_777) with caption : "#Repost @mythvsreality
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Shana Marie (@kenzojuice) Instagram Profile Photokenzojuice

Shana Marie


from @blackvegantube UGH! How disgusting! Do you know where your fruits are coming from!!?? It’s time to grow your own 🌱 🥗 #didyouknow

NewWestminsterOptometryClinic (@newwestminsteroptometry) Instagram Profile Photonewwestminsteroptometry


 image by NewWestminsterOptometryClinic (@newwestminsteroptometry) with caption : "That's one quality digital camera! 👁📷 #Camera #Quality #DidYouKnow #EyeFacts #Vision #Eyes #Eyesight #NewWestminsterOpto" - 2002597194873201370

That's one quality digital camera! 👁📷 #DidYouKnow

Longbow Tours (@longbow_tours) Instagram Profile Photolongbow_tours

Longbow Tours

 Instagram Image by Longbow Tours (@longbow_tours) with caption : "On this day in 1766, the British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act. It was a direct tax imposed by the British Parliamen" at Parliament Square - 2002597015682570904

On this day in 1766, the British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act. It was a direct tax imposed by the British Parliament specifically on the colonies of British America and required many printed materials in the colonies to be produced on stamped paper produced in London. The purpose of the tax was to help pay for troops stationed in North America after the British victory in the Seven Years' War. The Stamp Act was very unpopular among colonists. A majority considered it a violation of their rights as Englishmen to be taxed without their consent—consent that only the colonial legislatures could grant. Their slogan was "No taxation without representation." Colonial assemblies sent petitions and protests, and the Stamp Act Congress held in New York City was the first significant joint colonial response to any British measure when it petitioned Parliament and the King. Opposition to the Stamp Act was not limited to the colonies. British merchants and manufacturers pressured Parliament because their exports to the colonies were threatened by boycotts. The Act was repealed on 18 March 1766 as a matter of expedience, but Parliament affirmed its power to legislate for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever" by also passing the Declaratory Act. A series of new taxes and regulations then ensued—likewise opposed by the colonists. . . . #didyouknow

HERBALIFE MAKASSAR (@herman_dietsehat) Instagram Profile Photoherman_dietsehat


 image by HERBALIFE MAKASSAR (@herman_dietsehat) with caption : "#Repost @herbalifeindonesiaofficial (@get_repost)
#TAHUKAHANDA ? Vitamin E yang terkandung dalam Formula 1 Nutrition" - 2002596722768989184

@herbalifeindonesiaofficial (@get_repost) ・・・ ? Vitamin E yang terkandung dalam Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (5 IU) setara dengan Vitamin E dari 5 kacang almond. #DidYouKnow Salam sehat