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‏رِوان💚.. (@rew.hisham) Instagram Profile Photorew.hisham



Designed by me 💛✂️.. 👈🏻 انا من الناس اللى بتحب تلبس الحاجه اللى مش مألوفه او الغريبه ؛ الطقم ده حبيت اعمل حاجه جديده و اغير فكره ان الايكستنشن للسواريه بس فعملت الطقم ده ✂️ هو فستان قماشته روزالين من اقرب القماشات لقلبي لانه مش بيلزق و بيمط ى حاجه قمر خالص و حبيت يبقي الشغل اللى فيه بسيط ف عملت الكُم استِك و بالنسبه للچيب قماشتها چينز بس مش تقيل علشان متحرنيش و فيها زرارين عملاهم من قماشه الچيبه عند الكَمر و الفستان و الچيب مش لازقين ف بعض علشان يتلبسوا لوحدهم بشكل تانى 😉إيه رأيكوا ؟!💛.. ........................................................... ‏# egypt life

 Instagram Image by hair Jordan (@the_realhairjordan) with caption : "It's 2 real one birthday today we about to fuck the city up @therealquil let's fucking get it...
🗣If u want a 💆🏿GO" at 52Nd & Parkside - 2029215818084132559

It's 2 real one birthday today we about to fuck the city up @therealquil let's fucking get it... • • • 🗣If u want a 💆🏿GOOD BARBER💇🏿,YOU gotta deal with a 😲😩😧BUSY BARBER😉👌🏾 Make your appointment.. 💈💺BARBER_GANG💺💈 This is the Move Putting books in barbershops could get African American boys reading more!! 5 off kids haircut ages 5 to 13 all they have to do is read a book while they get their  haircut let's put down the tablets and phones and help the youth read more📚📖 Make a appointment kids in Elementary School in middle school are welcome and this is too help parents that can't afford the prices thats barber have to charge to keep their business running and  get a quality haircut it gives them a chance to get their kids haircut for a Discount God bless you all.. God bless me with these gift so its only right that I bless somebody else just trying to give back to the community! BARBERS AND STYLIST WE can start making a difference out here with the youth first!!!!! I'm starting this ASAP if you have books to donate DIRECT MESSAGE ME OR TEXT U CAN CALL ME AS WELL we about to put the phones and tablets away for 30min lets help our Youth out @The_RealHairJordan 1. Tired of going to the shop and your barber isn't there? 2. Tired of a disrespectful atmosphere in the barbershop? 3. Is your shop closed right now? 4. Is your barber taking you for granted? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you need to start getting your haircut by me Check out my Work on Instagram go follow @The_RealHairJordan For more info & location call me. Appointments and Walk-ins welcome. 610.348.2666 Watch "The_RealHairJordan" on YouTube @The_RealHairJordan: • • • 💻 life

The Chicest Chicks ™ (@thechicestchicks) Instagram Profile Photothechicestchicks

The Chicest Chicks ™

 The Chicest Chicks ™ (@thechicestchicks) shared  Image on Instagram - 2029215803471123100
The Ocean Goddess (@grsyrm) Instagram Profile Photogrsyrm

The Ocean Goddess

 Instagram Image by The Ocean Goddess (@grsyrm) with caption : "♠️ You deserve somebody who knows you’re rare!" at Beverly Hills, California - 2029215752166728989

♠️ You deserve somebody who knows you’re rare!