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Amanda Cerny

Bio Actress -Queen of my own fantasy🌸& ur daily dose of happiness💎 @cernyfit @acerny2 💛 Click ⬇️link⬇️ for 💪🏼🔥

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 Instagram Image by Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) with caption : "Cerny clothing line coming soon 🔥 who’s ready?! (All genders)" at Miami, Florida - 2003345292477756415
Miami, Florida ReportShareDownload3.35K915.36K

Cerny clothing line coming soon 🔥 who’s ready?! (All genders)

Miami, Florida ReportShareDownload3.21K1.17M

I use CBD literally every morning and night and in between! I have found it to be absolutely incredible for overall wellness. It has provided natural pain relief and is an anti inflammatory. You guys know I never skimp on things when it comes to my health!!! I have tested out for months before giving them my stamp of approval. There are a lot of products in this space now and you have to really go for the high quality ones to get the benefits!!! So choose wisely my loves 💫@cbdmd.usa

 image by Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) with caption : "All new @cernyfit is 🔥😍👑 start working on those abs today !" - 1999105603407197947

All new @cernyfit is 🔥😍👑 start working on those abs today !


The incredible @kimbalmusk@mayemusk@biggreen and I planted some seeds with the children at eucalyptus elementary today. 😍❤️I honestly didn’t want the day to end !!!! is a way to have fun while doing good for the environment, learning the importance of homegrown foods and getting back to overall health! 🥦🥕🥬🍅🍇 Gather your siblings, nieces/nephews, parents, friends/dogs and plant some seeds on March 20th ! Our goal is to get 1 million people using this hashtag and planting some seeds ! Knowledge is power and what better way to learn than beings hands on! Grow some tomatoes , carrots or even some herbs 😘😂 Can’t wait to see everyone who contributes! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️


No tan?!... (Swipe left )... No Problem! 😂😂 @sommerray


Sommer is going to kill me for uploading this. RIP ME 😂😂😬


One day I’ll work for TMZ 🤩@loulou_gonzalez@kingbach

 Instagram Image by Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) with caption : "What should our friendSHIP name be?  @brentrivera" at Los Angeles, California - 1992333573064390874

What should our friendSHIP name be? @brentrivera


Thrilled to celebrate with the and campaigns! My kindred marine species is a dugong aka the sea cow!!!! 😂😍😍 Find yours at @unenvironment

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Believe it or not ... haven’t even had a sip of wine yet! I’m so freaking excited and proud. Yehoooooooo Im adulting !!!! Miss you guys. Back soon after breaking my back unpacking my stuff that has been in storage for over a year. — A life goal achieved!!! Things are never easy... Work hard and you’ll reach your goals . Patience, positive energy and persistence wins. 💪🏼 keep going!!!! Just keep swimming ... just keep swimming...